Sunday, May 23, 2010


Pictorial in a dash.

An instant decision to go to buy thingies and school bags for the kids.

Just a quick bits.DIVISORIA-A perfect place where you can buy everything and anything in a very cheap price..from vegetables to fruits, from clothes to accessories, just name it they have it...just haggle in a nice way and you'll definitely catch the lowest price. Divisoria-a place to be, a very popular buying map for the Filipinos. Your eyes will surely blow, just seeing clothes and accessories in a very thrifty price.

So, before going out, we gigged in a dash!

A very rushy attire for my sunday blogging.

One Toe Thong sandals-Flea market
Necklace/Cuff Bracelet-Flea market (Muslim stores)
Our Dog-Odie

Photos taken by: Gabrielle

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