Monday, May 17, 2010


Bought this vintage blouse and fell in-loved with its neatness of flower prints. It feels good how it hugs my body, so soft and a bit of sexiness will reveal. I was trying to wear it yesterday, but my critics(my husband and 2 kids) didn't like it when I paired it with my jeans. So, that kept me awake for a while last night, thinking of how this blouse will tantalize their eyes.

Manic Monday.
A very hotty, warm day.
A day to work, I just coordinated this with my favorite black pants as seen on my previous blogs. The printed flowers, refreshes my eyes and mind, no wonder...I survived the 8 hours of  peppy working.
 Vintage Blouse-unknown/Made in Italy/Thrifted
Shoes-Mario d'boro slingback sandals

Photos taken by: Miguel

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