Saturday, June 12, 2010


June 12, 2010 Saturday. Decided to go out for school supplies shopping since sunday will be a busy day for us. I went thrifting and had lunch with the whole family. Hurt my arm caz I'm carrying my bag the whole day while picking and grabbing clothes from thrift stores. See? I can still carry a sack of rice as long as I'm shopping hahahha...Hope I can still cook for tomorrow, not a good excuse though.
These were taken in a Mechanic's shop while waiting for our car to fix. Not a bad location hahaha...
Shirt-Mark & Spencer
Denim Shorts-DIY (2nd pants)
Slip on-Havaianas
Necklace-Flea market
Bag-Victoria's Secret

Have a good weekend!


Mom Daughter Style said...

ang laki na ng mga kids mo pero sexy and pretty parin si mommy. thanks for the comment on my blog.

blackberry said...

hahaha thanks thanks! papayat ka talaga pag 2 boys ang alaga mo, nakakaloka!