Friday, June 25, 2010

pieces of peace

This is the answer commonly used In a beauty pageant's question and answer portion,.. in an interview with stars celebrating their birthdays and were asked what's their birthday wish... yah you got it! So let's get our badge to be a beauty queen and a celeb.
My world's bits and pieces of peace.
Peace of mind, i'll buy bulks, but not for now... I still have it hehhe
No digicam for this day, all my batterries are dead. I wanna shave my hair to be patient with my "PEACE ON EARTH!!!!!!...." logos.
Top: by Scoop
Skirt: from my blog boutique
Flip flops: Havaianas
Blings: Flea market
Watch: Timex by Hubby

1 comment:

Eden said...

love, of course i love you! you're gorgeous! thanks for dropping by.:) hehe. youre looking faB!