Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm the only girl, the princess, the queen, the lady brat.
I am in a favored position for being moody and grumpy at times.  
I have all the benefits to be at first in anything.
I own a bucket of lady kit that I myself alone is authorized to use it.
Though I have 2 sisters, they never had the chance to use my things caz I am away from them since I started college.
I'm the only girl, the chic, the gal...I can conquer the mall buying girly things only for my self...
I'm the princess!.....and the inconvenience of it is being ALONE! 
Yah, I'm all alone, my 2 boys and hubby went out to do some activities and they never even bothered to ask me if I want to go with them.
Haaayyy...my 2 boys are really growing so fast, no more juvenile plays. They prefer to go with their Dad to do some sports and art projects. If only I can rewind back the time. I miss how they cling on me, I love it so when we fondle and snuggle with each other. Oh how I miss those sweet little hands when they embrace me to death.
Hoooo...pitty me!


gen said...

cute dress! :)

Castor Pollux said...

i heart your necklace!
and i believe your boys will spend more time with you :)

Castor Pollux

blackberry said...

thanks so much for all your comments!

blackberry said...

thanks Gen!