Thursday, June 10, 2010


Good hair day eh?!  They thought it's hair cellophane, they thought it's rebond..not a good guess though. Anything new to my face? It's my bangs hahahah. Yah, finally I had the guts to cut it shorter than the usual. I had a dillydally and it was a surprise this morning that I got a a brief look in a pair of scissor, waving and smiling at me, trying to seduce me in the middle of the bathroom hahahha ....he's calling me and teasing me: "hey! I know you wanna cut something!" I'm one of Eve's daughters so what do you expect? I was aiming to do this a month ago and here's Jaydie's encouraging tip: If I don't wanna put my self in the ground of terrified and flabbergasted human beings, cut it little by little everyday till got the desired length and until I feel good in it. Not that bad Jaydie! I don't have that face of Jessica Alba with pretty, beautiful and gorgeous bangs but I can still smile and greet Mr. Sun in every mornings of  my life. 
Jaydie to Me: "Enjoy your bangs Tita Theyers!" 
and now I can yell back at her: "I think I will Jaydie!"


Biba said...

Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog. Love your wedges!

blackberry said...

Thanks so much Biba! Gud day!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

thx for followed and fit my link in your blog..i linked u too..plis check on my list..

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