Monday, June 21, 2010

you gave me gave me love

Though I don't see you often, you're always on my mind. Though we don't own anything, you are my wealth. Hope God will continue to bless your health and faith. Hope He can offer me more time to help you in all your needs and give you happiness and give you things that you want to have, it cheers me up when I  make you smile. Thank you for all the sacrifices, for fighting the pain of being away from us to give us a better future when we were still in your care. I owe you my life and my everything. I love you Tatay.

Thank you for letting me feel I'm a wonderful and perfect wife. I can't be a superwoman but I will serve and love you for the rest of my life. You'll be my lifetime partner as a servant to Him. A good husband is a gift from God, so I thank Him for giving that wonderful gift I ever received. Thank you for taking care of us Daddy, we love you!


Tere said...

wow! incredible post! amazing and very nice!!
congratulations for the love :P
very kisses from

blackberry said...

thanks Tere!

Nina said...

Thea ... this post made me teary ... I miss my Dad so much. You are such a wonderful daughter!

cherie said...

belated happy father's day to all the fathers in your life, your hubby is gwapo, you're bagay hehe