Monday, July 5, 2010


Traffic ruined our day. This is the reality that you do need a "wang-wang", Oh my Ninoy! Will there be an exemption?... like, if you're wearing a plaid shirt dress or blouse or something? LOL! or..or...if you do have a cuff bracelet so traffic aids will no longer cuff you in with a real one when they caught you violating some rules? Hate traffic, well who will love it anyway?! I therefore conclude: no enforcers- no traffic, with enforcers-super heavy traffic! Just try to observe and you'll see, I'm definitely right. BEEEPPP....BEEEPPPP!!!
Plaid dress shirt-K2
Denim Skirt-K2
Cuff bracelet-Fleamarket
Tri-colored bracelet-Fleamarket

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Melai said...

I like the plaid dress :)

Melai of Style and Soul