Saturday, August 14, 2010

lonely and sexy and art

lonely, yay! poses here and there reflects the doldrums hidden in the mid of me. I'll spend my vac in the island of Apathy, then i'll eat sweet foods to boost my energy and sleep all day and carry a DVD movies with me. I'll watch and eat and sleep, i'll do that in a month, till i regain my spirit. The shadow seemed so okay now, now is my turn, i'll do it then.

sexy, nay! i don't have to say it, but i feel so ammm sexy mod in this dress, my black cardigan is my carpet. It hides the calories and carbo and fats that i ate in 35 years of my life. Love so love this cardi.

art, yay! i included here the first paint work of Gabrielle. am so glad he got his dad's talent. i also love in Filipino..."ARTE"  bec. i'm so maarte hehhee..
 the vase
lonely and sexy and art. hope sexy and art stays forever.

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