Wednesday, September 8, 2010

coz we care

see how they love me my pics even though am sick. 
I finished my 8 hrs working in the office and even got 1 hr for an overtime, a heroic deed indeed! 
Oh well a hell, I surpassed that long hours with a computer and a calculator and a bundle of money in front of me. A gaseous work, mind it again sometime, i'll wait for corrections.
This is an after dinner segment of life, am still cuddled in this dress while consternating this hell-like fever. 
Since this is a fashion blog, i have to mention what am wearing. I can't do my usual poses, i should be clinging on our bed and not to model what am hubby's gonna knock my head off if i'll do it so and i don't like that to happen coz my head's already turning blue and i can see blurry things already...ahemm
So, am carrying my Karimadon dress with a cardigan coz am freezing to death amigas.
What will I label this post? Fashion? Emotion? whatever.

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Jing said...

get well soon Ms. Thea.uso talaga lagnat ngayon.kahit kami last week ngsuffer din sa high fever.drink lots of water.your boys are so sweet.take care po. =)