Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hush my baby

don't cry now little one, it'll be over soon, you'll be well.

Before the major overhauling of this dress, ako daw si Sisa and one of the chinese chefs in a certain tv show. Hahaha funny! Having a 3 naughty and nice boys around you, sometimes it'll do something good, but you have to have a thousand length of patience when teasing time is in the air, that makes me so cautious in manner of styling especially when i'm in the mood to dress up. Good thing i haven't heard anything from them, re: my big floating arms.  From a butterfly sleeved to this one, what an aftermath eh!. It's an overhauled dress in a "Major major" way. Gravacious adjustments from XXXL to Medium, and a vonggang vongang modification of style. If you have a tailor friend, then you are so blessed.

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