Thursday, September 23, 2010

corgi (not the dog)

i don't own a corgi before not even one but we have shih tzu right now...oh, sorry am not talking about dogs, am talking about corgi or cardigans. Am beginning to love corgi now and am craving more and more of it. it multiplies style in dressing. think am gonna use corgi more often, more often than not caz am so pissed off with my mommy arms (what's a mommy arm? it's a name for my arms given by my hubby, why? oh, not now am gonna be eating a lot of space for this post and am not that of a talker) hmmm and since my wardrobe is not holding an ample of clothes and since i do lack of talent in mixing skirts to shirts or shirts to pants and pants to blouses, i'll buy more cardigans. i'll wear it with my shirt, i'll wear it with my blouse, i'll wear it with my dress and i'll even wear it when i go to bed.
no, this post is not the  i'll buy the world part 2"  
i really just mean it, i'll purchase a pack of cardis.

no, am not lying, cardis do wonders. this is the truth
there you go...that's the mommy arms

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