Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i'll buy the world

Thanks to the Stomach Ache.It kept my feet dashing to be home at this early.
Nice pots we have eh! sorry for that. I'll buy "expensive" ones to mend your eyesores. I'll buy Promil cans instead of Bonamil. I'll buy that house behind me to paint it black so it can be my studio (so those guys playing basketball won't stare at me anymore and be puzzled what i was doing) and i'll buy a bigger than me mannequin to fit in to that belt for a month to loosen it a bit so I can breath normally the next time i'll wear it.. and since my cam's puking out it's batteries i'll buy fine and costly rubberband  to hold it in place...ooopppss......it fell down again, damish!


Jing said...

hahaha.natawa ako sa sinulat mo ate thea!smart!

Charlotte said...

You have a great sense of humor. Great blog!

Thanks for visiting me.


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