Friday, October 22, 2010

flowers and a queen

Since Andrea came, i'm fond of using macro shots..usually on flowers. I'm a flower inamorata, though my face is not as sweet as them (wink ;;) Never mentioned before that we own a garden in our province and we sell different kinds of plants, most of them are ornamental plants. It's our bread & butter, so i was born surrounded with flowers, so it's quite obvious that i really do love  them and quite have a green thumb so far.  When we bought our new house, i did make it sure that i'll be owning a garden. I just can't get enough air supply if i don't see any growing plants around me. I own a simple and small garden not that big as garden of eden but the bees do visit me often and hops in every flower i own, sanity it brings to a tired mind at times. So here are some flower photos taken in Caleruega, batangas. it'll surely brighten your day. Have an enjoyable weekend!

and the Queen Bee itself...
those shades.... damishhhh!

summer dress: Gastadora
cardi: Gastadora
eyebol: Polo

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