Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Black Dress

i had a second thought wearing this in the office because of LBD's diminutive length. our house is just a walk away from the office so if insecurities strike me at the middle of work, i'll run and get a blanket and wrap it around my face.


Jing said...

you're one hot momma,Ms.Thea!
i love the black dress on you and the laced blazer!=D

Sarah said...

I'm loving the crochet cardigan. Soo chic. You look great!

Mom Daughter Style said...

sumesexy ka ha. you're totally rocking the outfit

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

the LBD is a bit too sexy for work but you definitely made it wholesome with the crocheted cover-up..:D

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥