Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nature never goes out of style

This is where we ended up again...Caleruega. 
Our plan is to go to Picnic Grove but we ended up so grumpy  when we saw the place, crowded with people, no place to sit and eat your lunch or snacks, and some of the tourists are already eating at their own vehicles. It was like 14 years ago when we last visited this place, the place is so different from before, no more lush green grass and some of the cottages were demolished already. The kids keep on rumbling when they saw the place. I suggested my husband to go to Josephine's instead but we remembered that our prepared lunch will be so sayang.  So, Caleruega was disturbed by us again. I know what they feel, there's no place like home. We had our snack in Mushroom Burger House, i love to eat but am not a good food critic, i'll just show the pics. We just ordered the Pinoy Burger Mushroom and Black Gulaman as refreshment. Not bad.

and some Mushroom Varieties

sometimes, a fashion goes out of style. but nature...NEVER.

cardigan: Gastadora
dress: Gastadora
sandals: Natasha
bag: Xoxo
accessories: Aldo

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Jing said...

your outfit is perfect!match na match sa nature.I miss caleruega and mushroom burger.