Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunday at it's best

those were some of the beautiful things inside Lo J's house. and while waiting for hubby we consumed these sweets and fashion mags from 'ta Julie. 

and off to a mall...a yipee for the kids.

bought some toys for the kids and an advance gift for the incoming birthday eldest.
Wendy's, this is where i met my hubby. we spent almost half of our life (exag heehe) here working as a cashier. while digging our golden memories, we devoured our spicy chicken fillet and bacon mushroom melt and chicken and fries. the whole place smells like it was 14 years ago. 
re: fashion-not in a fashion mode as of the moment. aside from the Fashion mags from Jaydie that I read a while ago, i just wore a tattered jeans and my old old blouse from Scoop with my ever loved sandals from PD, just enough not to be in a losyang mode.

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michelle_ said...

aero and mars are AMAZZZINNGGG !
so are wendy's :D

thanks for the sweet comments !