Wednesday, November 17, 2010

be strong Riz

my title is not connected to what i'm posting for tonight, i just wanna say that to my dear friend whose having hard times with his dammish women collector husband. animalistic character in my skirt wanna blow up! blockbuster skirt. worn this twice for two consecutive weeks and it just matches with my heels. A gloomy day makes me sad when i was still young but now that i'm more older (a bit) (wink..) , it makes me dream that i am in a different country. so, am loving stockings now adays because of the chilly weather . what about a blue one? hmmm don't have the guts yet...gray one will do for now.

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hellianthusannus said...

I loved your style and blog. I am a follower of your blog:)
ıf you come and follow my blog,I will be happy:) kiss you:)