Sunday, November 21, 2010

BIG 30

that's the amount of food we can gobble (what a term) hahaha. giant pizza and a giant mango juice. this resto is in Paseo de Sta.Rosa, aside from it's location which is not too far from our place, foods are not that pricey though their Carbonara doesn't taste that good, it's too bland and it seems they don't have a stock of milk and cheese anymore. The giant pizza is amm...BIG's good 50% alike to Pizza Hut's Pizzas. Mango Juice tasted hahah...overall rating 65%..but our bonding in the BIG 30 PIZZAS & PASTAS with my mid 30's friends are sooo dainty that we almost forgot that we are Cinderellas ...i'll surely miss this kind of Gimik...dinner out.

wearing: blue tank top-Natasha/blue jacket-Gastadora/Denim Skirt-Disney/flats-Natasha

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