Friday, November 26, 2010

for men only

am not a beauty expert but i just wanna share this with you especially to those who have an oily skin. my advantage for not having a sensitive skin is i can try all the brands out there. yes, you're reading it right, this is made especially for Men! This is a trial pack, a give away from SM Cinema for watching Pacman's latest fight, my hubby grabbed a lot of this and i'm helping him to consume it all heheh. am a fan of Eskinol though way back college days so i'm not new to this one. this thing leaves my skin so freshy after an 8 hrs of sleep and after an 8 hrs of working all day. i usually apply this in the morning before applying the facepowder and in the evening before i go to bed. it has minty feeling that leaves you feel you've just patted a small amount of vicks on your face, it's refreshing though no stingy feel. another brand to add on my list.

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