Thursday, November 11, 2010


lesson learned for today: 
"don't grab responsibilities if you don't have a systematic mind"
am not talking about my self...who was it? "bato bato sa langit"
HE gave me a not so intelligent mind, HE gave me a sane mind instead, and i thank HIM for that. I'm not  an all-knowing person but i'm contented with what my brain can drawn out. i'm doing well with my job and thanks to my cute little brainy. So, use yours  properly my dear, speak and think one at a time. If you wanna win the race, speak out your mind clearly.
the cute little brainy???... well, the most important thing is, it can suggest what i'll be wearing for my day today  life. call it "mababaw"..i am indeed. 
then you're a what!

vintage blouse
custom-made pants
shoes: Prima D