Friday, February 4, 2011

la gretta


this audacious blazer was tamed by the soft ruffles of this semi-eyelet dress(not sure if there's really a "semi-eyelet" dress, i just wanna call it that way). I usually wear this cropped animalistic blazer when i want to give some blaze or glow in my black ensemble. this red pumps is serving me 10 hrs a day, 4 times a week or even 5 times a week when i want to use her too in going to church. i strongly suggest, red shoes should be present in your shoe hoard, it awakens the dead. 



Jing said...

very match ang blazer and dress!i wanna grab your blazer te Thea!napintas!:D

Bella Donna said...

it awakens the dead! scary! hahahaha