Sunday, March 20, 2011

soft goth


as much as i want to achieve the gothic look, i can't. my whole feature can't.  i am passionately in love with heavy eyeliners, piercing and tattoos and black boots but none of these things exist on these pictures, it just doesn't go with my whole personality, i can't be a goth, hindi talaga bagay i just wore this pearly headband and accessorized my bag with this colorful scarf to expunge my "trying hard" gothic look.


fashioneggpplant said...

is that a skirt or a dress? so nice! :)

emmanuelmateo said...

bongga ang dress, ang poise.. Naglasbang.!!

mayen said...

I guess it's because you really have a girly look, but anyhow you pulled this outfit off really nicely. thumbs up to this. :) thanks for dropping by my site.

Miksu said...

I fell in love with those shoes! Yeah I know the feeling when I just can't make it look what I want :D