Thursday, March 31, 2011


skirt:Human/blouse:M&Spencer/booties:Parisian/handbag:Victoria's Secret
while posting these pictures,  the word "spring" keeps on popping in my brain. then suddenly realized, i'm hankering for spring.
when i think of spring, reflections of flowers and colors and green grass and blooming tulips are in my thoughts. it makes me want to whistle while dancing under the warm heat of the sun with the cold wind caressing my cheeks. images of spring gives me energy to live.
i'm very okay for a no-summer season, but a spring is a yes.
uhhm, aha and a nod.



emmanuelmateo said...

nice poise ate!!sana dont look at the camera..ibang angle sana tignan mo. chin up. breast out and pout konti yur lips.

Ill see that when you will post again ha.

Anonymous said...

ang ganda ng bag mo! mayron ako niyan pero fake ung akin hahaha! nice pix!

tama c emman..