Sunday, March 6, 2011

when baking, follow directions. when cooking, go by your own taste

a million times I mentioned before that my kids love carbonara. and this is my simple version. a quick and easy way to cook this famous recipe at home. certified Rachael Ray fanatic, a look+cook. a girl with looks and a good cook. beat that!

you need: 
garlic/small amt. of onion/butter/chicken knorr cubes/bacon/mushroom/milk/cream(optional)/flour (to slightly thicken the sauce)/egg/salt to taste or fish sauce
note:measurement of ingredients depending on the kilograms of your pasta.

-fry the bacon until brown and crisp(no oil needed cause it will naturally bring out its fat)

-melt the butter. put in the onion first then the garlic,sautee for a while.
-add the chicken cube, let it melt.
-add the mushroom

-pour in the milk and the cream. mix it on one direction only to maintain the consistency of the milk and to prevent easy spoilage.
-beat the egg and gradually add to the sauce with constant stirring
-add flour to slightly thicken the sauce.
-let it simmer then add the fish sauce or salt to taste.
-place the cooked pasta on a plate
-pour the sauce on top of the pasta
-sprinkle the bacon bits
-add parsley for garnishing (optional)

don't forget the drinks. 
i made a concentrated grape juice for them.
there you have it! my simple and easy version of carbonara pasta.

for my dessert, who can resist those smiles?


Miksu said...

looks delicious! lovely kids! :)


emmanuelmateo said...

ang sexy naman ni ate na magluto..manang anak mo deta?

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hala!!! thanks for this recipe..i made carbonara with Harry last month and we added a bit of condensed milk..the pasta turned sweeter than it turns out, the condense is only added if we make baked pasta -- where we alternate the red and white sauce..LOL. will make another batch soon...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

thegreenhairclip said...

i prefer tomato-based sauces but i have yet to try cooking carbonara.. this looks delish :)

mayen said...

how delish.. you'r son is really cute. :)