Friday, April 15, 2011

flower clutch

i am very excited to post this frugalista look of the day. have you seen that bag? cute! that i found her twin from jigsaw (pasted at the left side of the first picture).  very same print and shape. this is a very fun fun game.
i'm telling yahh!

i had a bad morning. 
HE saved the day by giving me a gift. then i had a very lively lovely day! with all our hardships, sweats, and sacrifices now i can say, "hindi natutulog si Gabrielle". A Brent Pride Award. wow! I was surprised! This is not a gift only for myself but also for my son who sacrificed his Golf club and concentrated with all his subjects. and especially to my very old special friend who really helped me out and still helping me until we finished this school year. she loves me a lot that she never lets me pay her back. good thing she knows that i don't have anything to pay for her hahha, she's really a gal. 
So much much thank you Dith! i'll send you some burgers, fries, icecream, pansit, spag etc.... 

yes. she loves eating and still manages to keep her petite figure. 

happy weekend! :)

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