Monday, May 2, 2011

ala mode

that Guess sleeveless is too summery. mildly an eyesore for an office attire unless paired with a blazer. it's devilishly hot here in the Philippines right now and blazers are not included on my "things to wear" as of now , so i just went with my So-en expandable zebra print blouse which is under my care for almost 4 or 5 years already. When i browse for items in my Frugalista look, Modcloth brand is my favorite site. It has a wide variety of designs when it comes to dresses, skirts and tops. if i will never be charged for a ton in the shipping cost, i'll definitely shop at Modcloth than any other brands.  you know how i love spring, and spring colored dresses are scattered in's a yum.

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emmanuelmateo said...

wow ate..i like ur attractive..