Wednesday, June 15, 2011

$1.00 at Php43.28

This is what i'm waiting for and excited about. my second round to shop hahhaha. We already had one yesterday at Puregold Duty Free and guess i'm just enjoying the hangover. i love the foreign smell of the store, the scattered chocolates and candies around. My eyes twinkled seeing various flavors of juices, i want those spam of regular and spicy kinds and have a break for a while with Maling hahaha.i want to buy alllll of it.... though some of the goodies can be bought in Puregold Binan LOL! my pocket was ripped, but it's ok. just seeing the precious smile of my kids while opening their chocolate boxes, i'm happy as a mom, i can afford to give them pasalubong. just seeing my hubby's smile embracing his can of Pistachios, it compensated everything.
the hell with the dollar rate! 

Day 3
Royal Subic
June 12, 2011


joninel said...

nice blog :D

Anonymous said...

subic! subic! subic! waaahhh kailan ako makapunta jan..hehe!

nice picture again and again.. tumaba ka sa damit mo..:)) but still pretty.

aiz kim said...

sooo lovin your floral dress dearie...thanks for the birthday greeting by the way!