Friday, July 29, 2011


Asos floral satchel
ASOS filigree long pendant necklace
AND MARY filigree leaf necklace
ASOS coin drop anklet
it's not anymore. have to wait the 15th day.holly cow! i don't know if i will be able to get a good sleep starting tonight. my heart beats so fast. excitement it is. can't wait to wear you. I heart Asos.


Mom Daughter Style said...

beautiful pieces!

great pics of you on your previous posts. mukhang sosyal haha

Miksu said...

I love the bag, it's beautiful!


cherie said...

wow, those are beautiful. i'd love to own the floral bag as well. i love asos as they have free shipping :D

kalokang Pinay said...

I can see why you're excited! Asos is great =)

aiz kim said...

lol....i see you're still obsessing with the floral bag! lovely Asos finds!