Wednesday, July 20, 2011


this coming sunday will be the post birthday celebration of my youngest son. as i have promised before to my "elder friends" i'll cook something special for them. i only have 3 more days to culminate my mind on what to cook for dinner. my sexy chef mind has been depriving me lately. I've never mentioned to you before that I AM RACHAEL RAY'S doppelganger hahhah..anyhoo bahoo, these images from a French blog has been my inspiration lately. the only problem is, that blog was written in French. so it has translation, i know but how accurate it is when it comes to measuring? you want to level up your hunger cookie monster?
brocolli salad

Stuffed pepper with rice and poutargue Venere
corn salad
spaghetti with two tomatoes & almonds

charlotte with berries
A nuovo giro di dadi
i am! i am!



swexie said...

hi! thanks for dropping by my blog. everything looks delicious in here. I hope you can find the right recipe before the big day. =)

Miksu said...

Yummy!! I want those desserts!

Mom Daughter Style said...

I watch Rachel Ray too! wow, ang sarap naman ng mga to. nice pictures as usual from your previous blog posts

princessmicah said...

yes, i am hungry. and i just ate. haha