Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gaussian Blur


from the product photos of this theme, i wasn't able to get a good facial expression. most of them are trashed out. it's so hard to maintain a good normal twinkling eyes because of too much sunlight. now I know why sunglasses are made and i guess i have to learn to love using it. i'm wearing my day to day striped php80.00 tee and over-worn denim skirt and my over-used red flats and my well taken care of Guess belt and my 10 year old cardigan. oh! and i'm beside my ten year old car.


TheMadTwins said...

lovely look!
Great skirt and top :)


Miksu said...

Lovely outfit, looks great on you! :) especially the skirt is cool!


Monica Kosasih said...

simple yet chic outfit,you look so gorgeous :D

Krizzia said...

Just alright if you think you weren't able to find the perfect angle for your facial expression, the photos look good and that it shows your chic outfit. :)

cherie said...

nice use of gaussian blur! i love the stripes you're wearing, very nautical chic :)

Parade of Dresses

mommy-razz said...

i like ur red lipstick.. hehe! and the red belt.. :))

check this out..i hope you'll like it.

kalokang Pinay said...

lovely outfit! perfect forsummer =)

M & Em said...

I hate when the sun is in my face! I can't take a photo without squinting! Despite that awful sunlight, you still look gorgeous! I love the color palette in this outfit. The striped top is darling!