Saturday, August 27, 2011


i've found this clips from the net. trying to have a half month pay bonus means "no tardiness". so aside from waking up early, i have to plan my everyday office wears. dressing up is not an easy task. avoiding morning rush trough well-planned outfit.
blueberry spread and german frankfurter? from my friend Es.
"it's better to give than to receive". I am the receiver not the giver weheheh. Miss Es is a friend who loves to share anything and everything. and i'm glad my name is on top of her list. Thanks for the foodies, for the dresses, for make-ups, gosh, i love you.



cherie said...

that's a very nice incentive! i do get late at work too because of the dilemma on choosing what to wear haha

Alexandria said...

it's definitely not an easy task to pick up an outfit in the morning, if time allows i would spend half an hour at least in the wic to put things on and off...... which is totally a waste of time. planning in advance the night before is really a good idea :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

i can't be late for the month of september. haha! what delays me is the dressing up part so i tend to plan the outfits ahead but i hate the heavy downpour of rain cause it ruins the plan.