Friday, September 16, 2011

the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

pictures are from lovely clusters which she took for the store of Le Ru Atelier.
I want to use these images as an inspiration for my upcoming project. 
The walk-in closet.
shoe storage
necklace organizer. I think i can make one using aratiles(jamaican cherries) branches.
earings & necklace organizer
bought the materials last night for this hanging clothes organizer. maybe by tomorrow we can fix it already.
and a mannequin.  still searching for a cheaper one.
I just received my pamanang sewing machine from my mom-in-law, which according to her is older than my husband. I've been staring at it for so many weeks now, wondering how to start my own project. I want pillowcases and bed sheets and curtains to be my first creation. Hoping that through my staring -oncentration- system, it will move on its own. It's like watching Pilates a lot of times and expecting my body will burn all the fats just by sitting and not stretching even a single neves or muscles. Yes, I am your Lazy Susan hahahha..Staring is tiring though i'm so regretful hating home economics when I was in highschool. I hate sewing then. Since i discovered fashion, i want to do my own dress, so why not try lingering with textiles, needles and thread and especially with blood whenever i prick my fingers. dilettante mucho eh!


tinymum said...

nice necklace organizer, i want one!:)

Chyrel Gomez said...

thanks for the greetings and lovely mood board. how i wish, my house/room looks the same with the photos.

Nuna said...

wow! post ka ng photos sis after pag finish na yung project mo ha! =)

Miksu said...

I want a closet like that!! Everything so well organized :D