Friday, November 4, 2011

define LOVE

Love is eternal. Love  is forever.
Love is when you see flowers in bloom.

Love is sweet.
Love is sunshine.
Love is like BUDOY, when everything around you is hell, 
you can still smile. 
 I tried chocolate cake for the first time and tasted good. Cakes lasted for only 2 days in our fridge. and this cake is getting 5 days old already.
Maybe I should watch Laura Vitale more often.
I want this sheer top everyday. It's airy, and fresh. Gab hates it though.
"Mom, they can see your bra. "
"That's okay anak, this is the uso. "
turned his back on me and said..


lhenie coronado babao said...

hahahahahha...ok na sana may BUDOY pa eh.....gawa mo yung cake....infairness conservative ang anak mo ha.......natawa akong bigla dito sa post mo ha.....seryoso na may budoy pa hahahahahahh......nice one post!

Liezyl Gomez said...

AGREE! kulang na lang ang love is... shoes! haha.

SunnyToast said...

inlove....ako sa cake and your shoes!

pero kabog 2! sis:)

"Love is like BUDOY, when everything around you is hell,
you can still smile. "

I lub it!

Eugenia said...

nice pics <3


anney said...

hehehe! kakatuwa namn yung anak mo! Cute top!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Haha! natawa ako sa yuck comment, mom does that to me sometimes and i just tell her, it's uso.