Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We are sitting on our honeymoon bed in the honeymoon suite. We are in a state of honeymoon, in our honey month. These words are so sweet: honey, moon. This bed is so big, we could live on it. We have been happily marooned -- honey marooned -- on this bed for days.-
KELLY LINK, Stranger Things Happen

"Pang honeymoon" Jacjac said as she handed me this pasalubong dress. Yes indeed. One of the most comfy dresses I ever wore in the office. With a blazer of course. What's with the Orlistat title? Picture picture...mag Lesofat!


Reese Milania said...

Love the bib nekclace!

jhengpot said...

akala ko honeymoon na talaga! hehe

Anonymous said...

wow honeymoon hehe! akala ko honeymoon talaga, akala ko gagawa na kau ni hubby ng baby girl..hehe! naalala ko tuloy c ate, lahat ng display da forever 21 gusto niyang bilhin.. haha

Chyrel Gomez said...

wow! parang gusto ko na ring mag honeymoon nalang kami agad ng boyfriend. haha! love the dibs and yeah, sister ko si liezyl. :)