Monday, March 26, 2012

let me tame myself

I feel it's been ages since I bought new clothes. A lot of things have to be settled  first lately, like household bills, house amortization, school stuff etc....and if I'm gonna do the envelope system, there will be no more pocket for dresses, shoes and bags. It's a no-good trick for me then .heheh ...and oh, not to mention  the instantaneous speed of gasoline price eh!. It's making me crazy. .anyhoo, I found these dresses in a local store and didn't cost me much. Therefore, I can still  visit Seven Eleven. I've been seeing that store for more than a week now, this Magnum fever's been attacking our late night cravings. geeeeezzzzz!!

vintage inspired dress..  I'm wearing it now with a red belt and a maroon blazer. sooo chic!

one piece dress with a cute bough on the side pocket. boughs or  ribbons are not to be passed.
polka dot cropped jacket with lace hoodie. good for the rainy and windy summer we have here.
A good health, a good job. A polka jacket, a vintage dress. I'm cheery! Sometimes, being mababaw is the cheapest therapeutic substance that slumbers this freakin' world we're in. Am glad, I too is a certified mababaw .
I'm still blessed. hhahha
Have a good day!


Roxanne said...

love the vintage dress! I can actually imagine you wearing it with belt and blazer! and also am actually a self confessed mababaw din haha

Miksu said...

So adorable! the patterns are cute!