Saturday, April 7, 2012

are we too old for PDA?

I hate you when I'm mad and it seems you're okay.
I hate you when you talk too much.
but I love you when your skin touches mine.
i love to squeeze you and kiss you all day.
I love your scent. I LOVE YOU.

April 5, 2012
San Juan, Batangas


Roxanne said...

wow this post is super sweet!
even though am single, kinilig ako! haha. of course you're both not too old for PDA :D

Jing said...

ang sweet nyo, manang!beautiful couple! hindi malaswa no..i love seeing married couples na ngkukultan at nglalambingan. pero whenever i see mga super young couple, iw talaga.sarap batukan.hahaha

jhengpot said...

ang sweet naman :)))