Sunday, April 15, 2012

free willy

Hot as hell.  I'll stop wearing pants for a while. Not quite liking this summer huh! Redeeming my shorts and denim skirts, which are my staple clothes ever since. Obviously, I am forever in love with them. Girl, how do you beat the heat?

Isdaan, Bae


J said...

Hi Mathea! It is starting to get hot here (although Spring just "sprung"). Weird, but I beat the heat by raking our yard! ;-) I guess the movement keeps me cool!

KM said...

I've been hearing how hot it is now in the Philippines, but I wish I can say the same thing here on my side of the planet ^^ It's Still chilly from where I am, and I can't hardly wait to wear summer clothes! :)

Reese Milania said...

Mathea, saan to? I wanna visit that place too, ang ganda. My Mom also told me that it's really hot nga daw dyan sa pinas, spring weather pa kami dito eh and hopefully ang summer eh huwag masyadong maiinit. We had a good winter even though nag tornado.