Wednesday, April 18, 2012


She's my little Ms. Cursive. She loves to sit in our kiddie table in front of our house while keeping herself busy doing her practice writing. She spends an hour or two just scribbling her name and the name of her school. This girl wants to bring home my bags and headbands and all that she sees in my closet. Krissa's One of my nieces from our youngest sister. I asked her to just stay with me and she replied crying, "ayaw ko po!" bakit ayaw mo? no reply from her for almost a minute  "ayaw mong iwan mga kapatid mo?...she answered me in a nod while rubbing her teary eyes. I brushed her hair and said. "sige, iuwi mo na lang yung gusto mong bag at headbands." This was my first time to be with my niece and I felt a soft spot in my heart, she's the third child from the siblings of 5. The very first thing that I noticed about her was her jolly and angelic face. Along with her skinny body and her soft kitty voice, I can already see how my sister raised her. Yel was so surprised when he saw Krissa's plate after eating. It was so clean that you cannot see any leftovers, even a single grain of rice. Good thing, walang alagang aso itong pamangkin ko. Magugutom lang ang kahit anong hayop sa kanya dahil wala talaga syang itinitria. She even carries her own plate to the sink. From then on, Yel is doing the same thing. I hope he stays that way  forever hahaha..  I just love the way she calls my name "Tita Sharonnnnn!!!!" parang pusa lang na ngumingiyaw, and I really find it so cute and adorable.  I'm gonna miss this little lady. But for now, I'll be dolling her up. Being surrounded by three boys everyday, you'd know how much I love to have my own little Mathea...:)


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

aw. ang cute. ^_^

why not have your own? heheh

lhenie coronado babao said...

Go girl!...make a little mathea very soon.. :-)

Chyrel Gomez said...

Awww. This is really sweet. =)