Monday, October 15, 2012

high five

Pregnancy have showered me a lot of insecurities but it awakened the extra sipag in me to take care of my skin. Our skin changes as we age especially when you are pregnant because the baby's sucking all the nutrients in your body. So aside from the vitamins that I am taking now, I'm giving an effort to have a proper scrub in my arms, armpits, neck, and thighs. 
Olay pink soap with my pang-hilod stone. Losing my olay virginity is an amazing experience. It leaves your skin fresh and soft as silk.(charot! :)) I LOVE OLAY
I am not into perfumed lotion since I got pregnant and I'm glad I have found that cute lil baby sitting over there.
this costs a lot but getting rid of tummy stretchmarks is my obsession.
this has yummy soft scent of milk and now my favorite. very effective to whiten the kili-kili.
LARGE sized dresses for my monster tummy
 I never thought LARGE will be my best friend these days. I don't wanna buy maternity clothes so I have decided to buy this size instead so I can still style it after pregnancy.

My heeled shoes will be snoring for nine months and stylish flats are my heroine so far. They keep my swollen feet in fashion and hides those plain boring toenails.
My first trimester was like carrying a big sack of rice each day. Eating was so tiring and shopping was exhausting. I'm glad, those days were over and I am very much thankful that I have my 3 boys with me who have patiently adopted a bed ridden mother and a wife. My tummy is in five months now and I am beginning to enjoy pregnancy already. My appetite is back, devouring a plateful of rice is my normal habit from breakfast to dinner. Pregnancy have given me enough reasons to eat a lot and it's pay back time from those lonely days of dieting.  Getting my feet back to work is much easier now, I can finally stick my head in my daily office duties and I'm hoping  to get back in my laundry works soon. The hard thing so far is cleaning my toe nails, I miss those red and beige colors and I am not used to let others touching or cleaning my feet. So that's a fail and a big huhuhu for that.
I have to tell you a little secret,  I feel so madly in love with my hubby whenever he caresses my tummy and those little soft kick from my baby brings a smash of excitement to all of us.
It's been pretty obvious that I have gained my normal consciousness and I can hardly stop scribbling my thoughts. hahaha
Catch these words...HAVE A HAPPY DAY!


Genskie said...

awww super ready na talaga ikaw... in fairness kahit preggy si mommy staying hot pa din :)

Jing said...

Manang, I didnt know you're pregnant until now.WOW! congratsuleyshons! :) stay healthy. miss u ;)

xoxo_grah said...

wow! happy pagbubuntis...congrats too!

Phioxee said...

wow! love the collection of flats. try mo yung thong sandals. super sexy.

just me,

anney said...

Ang pretty namn ng mga flats mo! 5 months na pala tummy mo. Naku excited much to see pictures of your baby!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Ganyan pala talaga ang pag-bubuntis. I like your shoesies! So cute! =)