Monday, March 25, 2013

grass jelly

Given the chance to be a full-time mom (thanks to maternity leave, amen) in two months is like hastily licking the ice-cream before it melts. Spending those days are like patching those moments of being a guilty-working-mom slash wife. It's been my long time dream to fully attend their needs and their wants. And that my friend was one of the distinct evidence why the label of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING was created in this blog :).....

Planning and preparing my kids' school-baon and after-school-snack five times a week is not an easy task. It requires good planning. As you all know, tacos and pastas are my regular guests here, which means they are both very present in my menus because kids love them as their baon and snack, and to keep away their tongue jaded from these tastes, and when my mommy brain is wilted already, I let them decide or ask them what they want to eat on the next day.  You see, democracy is in the house, still hehehe... I've been ignoring their Gulaman drink requests for a week now, and to keep those hippo-hungry mouth mum even in a short span of time, I decided to finally make my grass jelly summer drink. Grass Jelly, ladies and gents is a jelly-like dessert commonly found in Southeast Asia(thanks to Wikipedia). This can be bought in cans and I usually buy them in SM supermarkets. I prefer using grass jelly instead of those pre-cooked gulaman sold in wet markets. This is a better substitute to their favorite iced tea.
In a big pitcher of water, add some slices of lemon,  4 spoonful of sugar(add more if you want to sweeten it ng bonggang bongga) and add a few drops of vanilla syrup. 

A refreshing start to enjoy our summer. 


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Genskie said...

yay sarap namang meryenda ito ... mexican meets pinoy :)