Friday, June 14, 2013

getcha back

angels' wings from the backyard
crafty loot
gifted. from lhot
from garage sale
old kit from garage sale

from the Bookstore ng Bayan
from Divisoria
Reminiscing those pigtails era when my Php20.00 baon was always on a risk due to overspending. 
I hoard beautiful scented writing stuffs. Abubots, little things and all.
I can sacrifice my snacks just to go home not empty handed. 
I store them in an old videocam box of my tatay and always so giddy to open it from time to time to sniff its fruity romantic scents. 
Liven up this fondness was all because of those crafty blogger moms out there.  
Idolizing their talent and their creations have inspired me a lot to use my point five natural endowment hahahah...
Now that I'm 38, with 2 teener sons and a three month old baby, I have decided to embrace once more what I have freed 23 years ago. 
Old enough, I know but I do this not to just collect but rather use these crafty things to beautify my own home, to lessen repairs for improvement that can leave a long broken mark in our savings. 
How? I'll do some vintage plant bottles soon.

And tell you honestly, I feel proud of those pictures, my considered favorite shots. 
Shabby, romantic and  pure. All in one.
Happy Friday!


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