Sunday, June 23, 2013

Party Theme: Rustic & Country feel Father's day Party

My prepared party plan sketches was very from what it came out.
I originally planned for a vintage theme party but I ended up with this instead.
I added ordinary things that represent Daddies to complete the theme. Root beers and
Cola Beers were my favorite of all.
Check it out.
Beers, chips and dessert table
Daddy things
Raphael's High Chair for Daddy things
old chemistry books from Lodan
Acqua Watch gifted to Allan 12 years ago(and still working)
Aspen Cologne
Frame from Raphael's Room
native leaves placemats from garage sale. 
Old room keys
black bottled beers with orange crepe paper ribbons
Nagaraya nuts in my old apothecary jar prettified by the polka dot cupcake cover  
Various sizes of chessboards served as a cake stand for the chocolate cake of  RedRibbon
Inipit cakes. For me, instant cakes and cupcakes are the best, saves time in baking hehehe....
Munchkins in Sinamay
Bavarian Filled Munchkins
Choconut Munchkins
ChocoBavarian Fillled Munchkins
Chili cheese flavored Boy Bawang is the best
Rolled native paper plates and dried seeds for my Centerpiece
loved the rustic feel
To my dear husband and to my dear Tatay, Yo Te Amo!
Happy Father's day!