Friday, September 13, 2013

ring a ring a roses

My tatay bought 2 American red rose plants for me. 
I chose this over Korean orange and Salmon pink cause  I want to own the red one first, 
cause when I say rose,  I want it in red. 
It's classic and romantic.
These ladies were planted by Tatay in front of my house two weeks ago. 
Beside  it are the Hawaiian Palms which he also bought for me and I crazily wanted to own one. 
Php400 for each palm, and Php1,000.00 for the bigger one. 
That's how galante my Tatay is. and that's how he loves me. 
If these roses can survive my not-so-green thumb, then I'll go for the Korean orange next.
I picked 3 roses the other day and left 2 buds. 
Checked it this morning and it's still a bud.
So inip waiting for it to fully bloom.
or rather not wait at all 
cause I want to have long stemmed rose buds on my bed. 
yah, with breakfast.
{Hello!,  Hubby bear!}
I have a word in mind right now.

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SunnyToast said...

Tatay was so sweet:) I prefer white roses:)