Monday, September 30, 2013

thousand ideas

I've been awarded as the "prettiest" Roadrunner in town (self proclaimed). 
Sooo exhausted for 2 weeks of to-and fro buying cements, sand, hollow blocks  etc. 
an exciting task though because we have to do that after office hour pa, 
so imagine the stress of making it before the hardware store closes.
Yah, I have finally decided to give my kitchen a bonggang make over. 
So enough of crafty works to beautify my home.  
I am now facing a much bigger, oh! way bigger gastos. hehehe....
Anyhoo, I have converted my other window to kitchen bar. 
More of like this(picture shown above/image from
That in fact, we just went to a depot last night catching up before it 
closes (again) to buy tiles and granite with the same style shown above.
Minimalist but not boring. An English country style kitchen with
a modern twist.
 Pretty and pristine. That'll be my theme. I so love it.
Tell me you do too.


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Dora said...

I love those chairs and the whole bar idea