Wednesday, October 16, 2013


the coffee nook
old wood from my kids' crib, a perfect piece for the vintage english country feel.
my references. old mags from Booksale
to add a modern touch, I bought these cute canisters for my coffee, creamer and sugar.
centerpiece for my coffee table
old rattan piece from Japan Home Surplus. DIY-ing, painted it in white.

As I was posting these pictures, I just moved, replaced and added
some things here. hahahha
Gab wants it not to be just a coffee nook but a drinking station
instead so he could place his favorite iced tea and Milo beside
that table. 
I guess, they have found their favorite place too.



Miss `Chievous said...

Totally adorbs! Can't wait to have my own house too. :)

Dora said...

I would love to have a little coffee nook space in my apartment! maybe one day...:)

Chyrel Gomez said...

Bet ko ang coffee nook! :)

SunnyToast said...

I love it! galing:) dapat ma ka pag kape ako dyn lol..send an invitation place and will have english