Monday, January 27, 2014

A Party for Nine more than Thirty

I patterned this theme from my previous dessert table I had last weekend (that was Natural Dessert Table theme as seen HERE). I don't want to keep those wood pallet yet so I used it again for the second time as my backdrop since I want to use brown and yellow motif this time. Found the perfect yema cake already and t'was fitted sooo right for my theme. and, also that Caviteniang putok(rice cake shaped into small round pieces with arnibal or melted sugar inside that it pops in your mouth once you bite it, it was rolled and covered with grated coconut meat. Hope my palate had just described it correctly hehehe) from  my friend Lhot, has that yellow cellophane coverings which made my table so pretteeehhhh....
I wanted not just a dessert table so I added a salad bar just in case my visitors wanted to scrape their tongue from the sweetness and saltiness of my dishes. hehhee...
Sorry if I'm bombarding you with parties. 
I just want to regale your eyes with positivities. 
Hope I did.
Good day lovelies!


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Marjorie G said...

Honestly, your table setting is making me want to host my own party but my birthday is months away haha... I like it that through simple things you're able to create a theme. And where did you buy that yema cake?! *drool*