Thursday, March 27, 2014

shabby chic

1. Shabby pitcher from Robinson's. more of it to purchase. will go back soon.
2. Vintage wine holder. 
3. old chem books. supposed to be a school donation from a friend but I stole it instead. patawarin.
4. wood from an old crib as backdrop.
5. a month old statice. 
6. plus. an obsession to Paulo Coelho's quotes.

I should've known earlier that wilted STATICE looked even prettier. These have saved my pennies buying fresh flowers often. and they are cheaper, compared to Malaysian mums or roses. I'm a fresh flower freak. I don't use artificial flowers to decorate my home and this pretties are my saviour. 
I'm inviting you now to see my living room.

Yip, I scrabbled my house things again.