Monday, December 1, 2014


I'm on a deep thought if I would let this post be on a search engine to encourage those friends out there on how to start their adventures abroad. I have probably done it, when you started googling "FIRST TIME TRAVELLER" and found yourself reading this post hehehe....

Glad I took off my butt out of my chair and took the first step to get out of our cave even in a short time. Travel after 18 years of sobbing my face at work, I, we, truly deserve a break.

So let me share with you a tip and tell my little adventure on how to get a passport and how I started it all.
1. Complete your requirements. Requirements needed to submit are all listed on the link below

2. DFA Passport Appointment
                No need to go to DFA office anymore, just click the link below to get an appointment.
                You get the priority lane when you schedule your family with you especially if you have a
                baby or toddler.
                DFA LINK:
                DFA Family Application Form:

3. Once your scheduled date arrived, you get the priority lane if you get passport application as a  
   family.  Passport Fee is Php950.00 for Regular processing, express processing fee should require
   you to add Php250.00

4. Release date of your passport is written on your receipt of payment. Processing usually takes less
    than a month.

Got our plane ticket thru Cebu Pacific in 75% off. So if you are on a budget,  check their website at all times,  you might get a cheaper one or the Piso Fare Promo.

Itinerary is very important to maximize your time in traveling.
I saved lots of money because my friend offered her house so I got no worries with that.
My tip, use your resources, contacts and connections. hahaha....
at Midlevels Hongkong. The most expensive and prestigious residential area in Hongkong. You could guess how lucky I was hahahhahh........

For the hotels and discounted tickets, I used the following sites, you may want to check it also, they are all proven valid. I booked at Regency Hotel during our stay in Macau.
1. Agoda:
    Payment thru Credit Card will only be charged 3 days before your scheduled arrival in the hotel.
    No advance payment.

 2. Asia Travel:
     I used this site for ticket reservations in Ocean Park and Disneyland.

I'll see you in HK! 

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