Wednesday, August 26, 2015

California 2015

June 2, 2015 was our flight going to Californa.
We stayed at Irvine and visited my friend at Riverside.
I just can't describe how I felt when I first stepped my feet on the ground of LAX Airport.
The air smells so different, the place was so strange, but I feel so at home.
it feels heavenly.
Go pinch me, I can't believe I was here.

Stop over at Shanghai Airport. I still feel a bit dizzy because of the 4 tabs of anti-hilo (Bonamine)that I took before the flight. 
I was so amazed with this. Ang sarap tumawid.

An afternoon walk. So that was 7:00pm already but it feels so 3:00pm. Amazed na naman ang lola mo.

Bridge going to Target Crossroads

Sweet welcome note and dollars for Migs from my friend Lynn and Chris
Our welcome buffet Dinner with Lynn's Family

at Edwards 8 Cinemas,  Irvine, California

Paunang shopping at Target Crossroads

a Game Stop for Migs

just chillin' outside Crossroads

along Paseo West Park

Bridge going to Target


at Lynn's guest's room. So Cozy and relaxing. I want those beddings, lakas maka hotel.

my first Lobster

Pine cones here are everywhere. I brought home a lot of these. mahal sa Pinas

great finds: Steve Madden eyeshades; EOS lip balm; Neutrogena powder. Verdict: wantusawa ang murang can't afford things sa Pinas!

fresh strawberries bought by my friend Lynn

fresh Navel Orange. Sweetest orange I have ever tasted!

on our way to Lynn's Aunt's wake in San Francisco

we went straight to Laguna Beach after our flight from Minnesota

Beaches are open to public, meaning LIBRE. Places as beautiful like this are those for can't afford lang sa Pinas. I can't wait to bring my family here. malamang weekly naka beach ang Lopez.


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Donna Ocon -Juezan said...

Love you're loots.. The steve Madden glasses, the eos lip balm and the strawberries.. very delightful sight!